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          IL DIVO

          IL DIVO

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          Discover the performance that The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw hailed "a macabre masterpiece" in Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino ('The Great Beauty', 'Loro') wildly stylised, boldly provocative and satirical portrait of Italy's notorious politician. The title sequence alone introduces real-life Italian politicians as gangster-like imitators clustered around Andreotti. This seemingly impassive figure is set to assume his seventh term as Prime Minister. No matter the accusations levelled against him, he emerges unscathed from everything: electoral corruption, murderous errands and ruthless conniving. But when he makes a move against the Mafia, they declare war on him and his position suddenly becomes less tenable. Effortlessly stylish, with cinematography by regular Sorrentino collaborator Luca Bigazzi, the film is dominated by Toni Servillo’s extraordinary performance. ★★★★ "Toni Servillo's Andreotti is a macabre masterpiece" - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian ★★★★★ "As character assassination, it’s delicious and deadly" - Dave Calhoun, Time Out ★★★★★ "Rips open the deep ravines of drama, corruption, internecine power struggles and ultimately death that lie behind Italy’s precarious post-war politics" - Bernadette McNulty, The Telegraph
          113 minutes
          European, Drama
          Curzon Artificial Eye


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