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          High Life

          High Life

          £4.99 (Discount available for Curzon Cinema Members)
          A sensuous, challenging treat from Claire Denis ('Let The Sunshine In'). A crew of prisoners, adrift in deep space on a mission headed towards the oblivion or salvation of a black hole. Monte, played by Robert Pattinson (soon-to-be Batman), tends to his baby daughter, away from the questionable experiments of scientist Dibs (Juliette Binoche, 'Let The Sunshine In', 'Non-Fiction'). Bringing her genuine vision to science fiction, director Claire Denis loses none of the visceral intensity of her past work and gains many charismatic performers (including Mia Goth and André 3000). Maintaining the existential questions that have fired her oeuvre and transposing them onto a galactic canvas, this is truly ambitious, eye-opening cinema. BBFC rated 18 - sexual violence, strong sexual detail ★★★★★ "Superbly eerie, mysterious space drama." - Peter Bradshaw's Film of the Week, The Guardian ★★★★ "A mesmerising, patience-testing, violent exploration in the darkest reaches of outer and inner space." - Ian Freer, Empire ★★★★ "High Life offers an arthouse twist on the typical Hollywood space adventure." - Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent
          113 minutes
          Drama, Sci Fi
          United States
          Thunderbird Releasing


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